Established in August 2007, the Bowie Metropolitan Alumni Chapter (BMAC) is dedicated to creating, maintaining, and enhancing relationships among Bowie State University Alumni, current and prospective students, faculty, and staff to foster loyalty, friendships, interest, and support for Bowie State University.

Bowie Metropolitan Alumni Chapter provides institutional support through scholarships, programs, and activities that enhance the overall image and direction of our University.

If you have bold ideas to enhance the student body’s learning experience. If you have ideas to grow our historic institution’s alumni association and don’t mind giving some of your time to bring bold initiatives to fruition, then BMAC is the place for you. We welcome new energy and insights to enhance the success of our beloved school.

Visit the University’s website for a complete description of the member benefits and resources available to active members. Please also check out what’s happening at the national alumni level. Visit the Bowie State University National Alumni Association’s (BSUNAA) website.

Mission / Means


Our mission statement is simple, we C.A.R.E.!

  1. Create a spirit of cooperation that encourages teamwork across the entire alumni association for the betterment of the student body and our Alma Mater.
  2. Actualize your thoughts based on experience as a student to create the best learning environment for current students.
  3. Remember that our efforts benefit the university students by helping them develop fond memories during the receipt of their education and develop a desire to want to contribute to the generations that follow them.
  4. Encourage fellow Bowie alums to become active in the association to share their talents and skills to uplift the University in a positive light and help ensure it stays true to its principles that lead to its founding as a Historical Black institution of higher learning.


  1. Establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the University, the National Alumni Association, Inc., and alumni worldwide.
  2. Motivate and sustain a kinship of love and pride for our Alma Mater so that the precious memories of our school will continue for future generations.
  3. Advance the cause of education, particularly in providing scholarship funds to deserving students who will be attending Bowie State University and need financial assistance.
  4. Encourage all alumni to become active members of our Chapter and or any chapter to assist in carrying out its development, growth, and welfare.
  5. Establish networking opportunities for Bowie State alumni to serve as a positive example for current students. The positive network opportunities will encourage students to be proud of their Bowie experience, finish their education, and want to become a part of a progressive and vibrant Bowie State Alumni that will provide opportunities for future generations.


Dr. Nicole Wall
Dr. Nicole WallPRESIDENT
Class of 1998, 2004
Dr. Marie Brown
Dr. Marie Brown1st VICE PRESIDENT
Class of 1988
Col. (R) Edward DeShields, Jr.
Col. (R) Edward DeShields, Jr.2nd VICE PRESIDENT
Class of 1989
Eric Mills, CPA
Class of 1987

BMAC In Action

Scholarship Check Presentation 1-24

Scholarship Check Presentation 2024

BSU Nutrition Lounge Donation Drive 1-24

BSU Nutrition Lounge Donation Drive 2024

BSU Nutrition Lounge Donation Drive #2-24

BSU Nutrition Lounge Donation Drive 2024

NY Bus Trip

BSU Bike Tour 2023

High Performance 2

BSU Bike Tour 2023

High Performance 3

BSU Bike Tour 2023

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