Opportunities are happened upon when we fellowship with fellow alumni and have a good time!

“Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog! Our connection to Bowie does not end once we graduate.” We are BSU4LIFE. Joining your alumni family in fellowship and service, grants you the opportunity to maintain that connection to BSU and your fellow alumni for life. And is an excellent way to rekindle wonderful lifelong friendships, sisterhoods, and brotherhoods formed during your time at Bowie.

  • If you recently received your degree from Bowie and just beginning your career;
  • If you are well established in your profession because of your degree from Bowie;
  • If you recently retired from a fabulous career because of your degree from Bowie;

Then, joining BMAC and supporting the various fundraising efforts we sponsor is an ideal way to give back to our beloved University.

Your membership helps promote educational opportunities for current students through fundraising, scholarships, and other activities. Which helps to boost the all-around image and direction of our alma mater.

BMAC is mainly comprised of BSU Alumni residing in DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV). However, we have members as far away as Florida and the Virgin Islands.

Annual membership dues are $50.00 ($15.00 Chapter dues and $35.00 National dues). National Lifetime Membership is $500.00, which can be paid in installments (optional). If you decide to become a lifetime member of the BSUNAA, you would only pay $15.00 annually for BMAC chapter dues.

To become a National Lifetime Member, registration and payment must be completed at the BSUNAA website—click here. Once you complete the lifetime registration process, please return to our website and begin the BMAC Chapter registration process by completing the form below. Select “Lifetime Member $15.00 USD” for the membership option, fill in your Name and Email address, then click the “Pay Now” button to complete the payment process.

Annual Dues

  • Includes: National $35 + Chapter $15
  • Life Members: Chapter dues only – $15
  • Get and Stay connected with BSU
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Bowie State University National Alumni Association, Inc. (BSUNAA) was established in 1939 to keep alumni connected to the history and traditions of their beloved alma mater. Part of the Association’s mission is to advance the cause of education and offer financial aid opportunities to BSU students and financially support the University.
Since its founding in August of 2007, Bowie Metropolitan Alumni Chapter (BMAC) has been active in service to our beloved alma mater and current University students. BMAC has hosted many successful and beneficial fundraiser events. Including the regional famous BSU Bike Tour.
Joining the BMAC will allow you the opportunity to maintain your connection to our beloved Bowie State. You are BSU4LIFE!
Becoming a member of BMAC is a great way to meet and fellowship with other alumni while helping promote educational opportunities for BSU students through fundraising, scholarships, and other activities.
Alumni of all ages are WELCOME to join BMAC.

Annual membership dues are $50.00 ($15.00 Chapter dues + $35.00 National dues.) Annual Membership is from the date of purchase until the following June 30th. You can register here on our website. For your convenience, you can pay online via PayPal —You don’t need to have a Paypal account!
Membership payment can also be mailed to Bowie Metropolitan Alumni Chapter, PO Box 96, Bowie, MD 20719. Please make your check payable to Bowie Metropolitan Alumni Chapter.

Meetings are currently held via ZOOM —due to the pandemic. We meet on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. Meeting notices will be published on our website and Facebook page.

You can contact us via our contact form. And also via our Facebook page.

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